Sorry to everyone at ezoo

Electric zoo shut down due to storm

31.Aug.14 8 hours ago
confession time: whenever I see your URL I think of it to the tune of that farmer's insurance jingle. "we are ravers, dun da dun dun dun dun dun!"

Haven’t heard that one before xD

31.Aug.14 8 hours ago

Levels of Tumblr.


1 follower = Tumblr Newbie.

10-40 followers = Tumblr Beginner.

50-99 followers = Tumblr User

100-349 followers = Blogger

350-500 followers = Dedicated Blogger.

501-799 followers =  Tumblr Expert.

800- 4,999 followers = Tumblr Popular.

5000+ followers =Tumblr famous. 

These are the legit numbers.

Famous yo

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31.Aug.14 11 hours ago