I was nominated by partydabbler to do this. I have been receivinng multiple loads of this nomination stuff so- here ya go!
My name: Brennen
Nicknames: Bren
Birthday: August 29th 1997 
Sexuality: straight
Height: 5’10
What time and date is it there?: September 20, 2014. 2:55 P.M.
Average hours of sleep: umm 10hours
OTP: what that mean?
Last thing I googled: what is a otp
First word that comes to mind: Otp
What was the last thing I said to a family member: Goodmorning
One place that makes me happy: the forest
How many blankets I sleep under: 1 
Favorite beverage: Arizona
Last movie I saw in a cinema: uhh I dunno)
Things I can’t live with out: puppies, uhh like everyone whose in my life right now
Something I plan to learn: to listen to my self more
A piece of advice for my followers: Always look on the bright side of things never dwell on the bad sides of things. There is always a good side even in the darkest of times
I guess I’ll nominate ppl.

20.Sep.14 1 hour ago

Adrian Ström - Blue And Yellow (Original Mix) (Video of this music : link in the description) by Adrian Ström on SoundCloud

20.Sep.14 2 hours ago
20.Sep.14 2 hours ago

Weekly Eargasm #9 by on SoundCloud

Fucking perfect this is so calmly and soothing

20.Sep.14 2 hours ago